Jeans for Refugees


UI, Development, UX, Concept

Jeans for Refugees - Inspiring positive change

Jeans for Refugees is a global fundraising initiative created by artist Johny Dar. Celebrities donate their jeans to Dar and he paints them to raise money and auction them off. The money is then donated to the humanitarian aid organization, The International Rescue Committee.

Hello Monday created a site that could showcase the jeans and 100+ participants and collaborators and inspire positive change through unexpected connections. The guiding concept for the website is based on the idea of Cross Paths, which means to meet someone by chance and not by choice. Refugees are all on unknown paths. Uncertain where these paths will lead them, they are forced to move forward in the hope of something better.


When landing on the experience the particles separate and reconnect as you scroll. This use of particles is also carried through each individual participant page with customized colors to match each pair of unique jeans.


Further into the site you can explore the diverse group of individuals and organisations that have contributed to this cause.

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