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Strava - Year In Sport 2022

Athletes all over the world look forward to Strava’s Year in Sport campaign, and this year was no different. As the world slowly emerged from the tumult of the last few years, 2022 was a time of togetherness. With that theme in mind, we evolved the design from previous years and created a concept based on the circle: a shape that represents unity and solidarity. Throughout the campaign, we use the circle to subtly indicate that the athlete is part of this engaging and encouraging Strava community: coming together, supporting each other, and pushing each other to new heights.

"Hello Monday was a total delight to work with – they were adaptive, moved quickly and brought so much creativity, ingenuity and enthusiasm to the project. Year In Sport was better because of them!"
— Strava

The App

The in-app experience is tailored to each Strava Athlete (user) and visualizes their training activities and stats from 2022. By combining clever animations with striking visuals we create an engaging and entertaining story for each athlete.

The Website

Though the website was made using a standard template, we wanted it to feel truly customized and special. We carefully designed the assets and layout to feel unique and inspiring while allowing the brand to shine.

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