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Development, UI, UX, Concept

D.E. Shaw - Finance made innovative & fun

The D. E. Shaw group is a global investment and technology development firm with over 1,200 employees and more than $50 billion in investment and committed capital as of March 1, 2019.

Our challenge was to design and build a website that could reflect close to 30 years of persistent innovation, a collaborative culture, and a set of intellectually curious individuals who constantly strive for the very best.

We collaborated with them to create a concept loosely based on academic papers. We added simple yet meaningful elements as well as unique and unexpected moments to ensure the right feel. We updated the copy to better reflect the unique, thoughtful people they are. Ultimately, we created a website that portrays the D. E. Shaw group as they see themselves: unconventional, analytically rigorous, and most of all, an industry leader that values its people over its computers.


Based on computational references and a technological design, a secret message awaits a select few.


The base layer of the rest of the site is structured like a traditional website, inspired by hints of academic papers.

Project awarded:

Creative Circle

Design & Digital Design - Digital / Design / Relaunch, Silver

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