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Bendy 10 - Posters for the self-obsessed

The ancient myth of Narcissus has become more relevant than ever. Obviously, you’re bound to become a bit self-centered when you’re the son of the river god and a nymph, but the story shows us that the pursuit of vanity is often to our own detriment. He fell in love with his own reflection, lost his will to live and stared into himself until he died. Oh, the joy of happy endings.

Myth is becoming reality, and the Bendy 10 poster collection is our attempt to capture the zeitgeist of modern society. In true Narcissus style, we have fallen in love with our own reflections. We would rather train to run a marathon (and tell the world about it) instead of help our grandparents. We’re staring into screens (with forward facing cameras) instead of spending time with the ones we love. We’re denying climate change to perpetuate profits instead of thinking about the ones that will inherit our mess. We’ve become homoselfiens, the most self-absorbed species to have walked the face of the earth. And that calls for a celebration!

Introducing the Bendy 10 Poster Collection: a reminder for your wall about what happens when you forget to listen to the ancient Greeks. If you’re an agile smartphone user, you can get the posters at bendy10.com.

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