Meta Mansions


Animation, Design, Development, 3D Modeling, UI, UX

Meta Mansions - Powered by KEYS Token.

Determined to democratize the real estate industry as we know it, KEYS has created a Metaverse where users aren’t bound by the limitations of our physical world. Community members can leverage easy-to-use tools to purchase elite properties, start businesses, establish residency and socialize in a digital universe of their own making.

To announce the drop of 8,888 luxury digital mansions in the KEYS Metaverse, we collaborated with their team to create a premium Meta Mansions teaser website. Inspired by the company’s existing brand marks, we created a flexible digital identity designed to showcase new or existing products, events, or NFT collections. Entering the site, users are transported through a sea of pixels — an animation a combination of constructed, and then deconstructed brand logos — into a 3D render of a digital residence. The render, though subtle, comes to life on scroll. Borrowing from actual architectural drawings, the website UI design applies clean lines and unique graphic elements to put the focus on the striking design of the Meta Mansions where users can realize their dreams. Regardless of age, race or socioeconomic status, KEYS community members can live, work, interact and socialize in a world they’ve built.

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