Star Atlas


UI, Development, UX, Concept, Animation, Design

Star Atlas - Experience a virtual gaming metaverse

Star Atlas is an AAA space exploration strategy game and blockchain-driven virtual metaverse. The highly anticipated game has epic graphics, compelling lore and a forward looking blockchain-based economic model including Play-to-Earn and other DeFi features.

The brand is set to revolutionize the future of gaming, entertainment and beyond. We partnered with their incredible team to create an immersive digital experience that creates excitement around the game's upcoming launch.

A portal to the future

The homepage features a galactic portal that pulls users into the Star Atlas metaverse. The color palette is colorful and light to move away from the traditionally dark and moody sci-fi aesthetic.

Visualizing the metaverse

Users can scroll through various chapters that introduce the game lore, and interact with 3D visualizations of spaceships and planets inspired by the Star Atlas world.

Galactic navigation

The navigation structure is inspired by the solar system. We worked to develop a motion approach and iconography style that felt unique and reflects the Star Atlas brand. Users can easily download the Star Atlas whitepaper, sign up for more information or click “play now” to visit the marketplace, view the game leaderboard and more.

Travel to other universes

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