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Issuu modernizes how people consume published content

Issuu is a leading digital publishing company, with 85+ million users and 16+ million publications. They work to connect content to people, giving anyone with digitally bound content the ability to upload and distribute their publications worldwide. Issuu themselves says its target audience is ‘humanity itself’. Woah. With a target group that diverse, how do you build a tool that is literally perfect for everyone?

At the beginning of their project, Issuu shared some jaw dropping numbers about their existing platform: 6 billion (!!) page views monthly and 20,000 new publications added every single day. With growth from social projected to raise these numbers exponentially, they needed an app for iOS that could keep up with their growing and engaged user base.

We created a stylishly modern digital reading tool, incorporating UI elements that encourage sharing, stacking, subscribing and discovery. Within two weeks of its release, the app was downloaded 100,000 times, well on its way to connect more people to the content they crave.

The feeling of a magazine

We developed the navigation with a bendy effect to give it a feel of turning real pages.

Guiding the eye

To ensure an easy overview of the endless amount of reading options on Issuu we were inspired by the physical magazine rack to present the content for the users.

Project awarded:

Creative Circle

Digital - Service Driven Apps and Sites, Silver


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