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YouTube’s having a baby!

Hello Monday and YouTube got together, and we are happy to announce the birth of our love child, YouTube Kids! A safe place for kids to play.

YouTube has been a portal to the best (and best of the worst) content on the Internet for the last 14 years. We’ve laughed, cried, cringed, and enjoyed hours of entertainment. But when it comes to kids, YouTube is often not the best place for unsupervised exploration. We all know how quickly a small child watching baby animals play can accidentally click on a ‘related’ video that has some extreme, adult-only content.

YouTube asked us to help them create a safe video environment that parents can trust but where kids can find amazing content that’s perfect for them. We designed the entire brand identity, including the product interface. The kid-friendly UI uses icons and tips that any young mind can easily understand. Inspired by our own childhood best friends, invisible pals, and favorite toys, we created an animated character sidekick that guides each child through the app, and grows along with them. The visual identity draws from the original aesthetics of YouTube, the mother brand. It’s fun, quirky and embodies the YouTube Kids brand.

Introducing 'The Dude'

Together with YouTube we invented The Dude who's a friend that helps the child navigate through the YouTube Kids universe.

A helping hand

We used The Dude to take care of negative duties for the parents. E.g. when watch time is over The Dude falls asleep and thereby tells the kid, that there's nothing left to watch.

Project awarded:

Creative Circle

Design - Corporate Identity, Bronze

Feet first down the tube

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