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Greenpeace - Into the Arctic

With the devastating impacts of global warming, the Arctic is melting and big oil and commercial fishing companies are racing to claim a chunk of the prize in the new open waters. In the process, they’re putting the entire region (and by extension, the entire planet) in jeopardy. In 2012, Greenpeace embarked on a series of ‘Save the Arctic’ expeditions to ban drilling and fishing and create a protective, global sanctuary in the area.

Greenpeace needed a place where people could follow their journey through the Arctic and to highlight the threat caused by the oil industry. We created a site that acts as a dynamic logbook, documenting each expedition from start to finish. Users get daily updates from the activists, learn about the region’s history and wildlife, and sign a petition to ban drilling in Arctic waters, for good. In the end, a seemingly distant problem is brought directly into people’s living rooms, and Greenpeace can gather new support as its message spreads. Almost 8 years later, it seems that this cause is more relevant than ever.

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