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Virunga National Park - Saving the gorillas of Congo

Virunga National Park is an ecological treasure. Its vast mountains and gleaming lakes represent a source of pride, hope and livelihood for millions of Congolese people. We redesigned their website to galvanize support from potential donors while educating users and encouraging tourism to the park.

As one of the world's most biologically diverse regions, Virunga National Park’s environmental significance and natural beauty is unmatched. Among its natural wonders are some of the world’s most beloved wild animals, including a large portion of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas. The existence and protection of these gentle creatures has become a symbol of hope for a region that's been largely crippled by violence and corruption.

We worked with Virunga’s teams to develop the story of the innovative work they are doing in sustainable development and stabilization, while giving them a platform to showcase the history and beauty of the park.

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