UI, Concept, Design, Illustration, Animation

Designing the Kids Space Universe

Imagine a world where ordinary rules don’t apply, and expectations is just a word that’s hard to spell. Where, with every turn, there is something new to discover and where your toaster could suddenly become a rocketship. Welcome to Google Kids Space - an OS that offers personalized age-appropriate and educator-vetted collection of digital content for kids.

In a three year (and counting) collaboration, Hello Monday worked closely with Google to create the entire brand system for the Kids Space experience. From defining the overarching TOV and personality of the OS to establishing a visual language that we applied across all key screens and UI elements including an extensive illustration library for Avatar customization, home stream backgrounds and content cards.

Google Kids Space provides a safe and enriching environment for children to interact with technology. Through surprise moments and interest driven content the OS inspires kids to become curious explorers of the things they are passionate about. And when you nurture a child's imagination and spark curiosity then there is no limit to how tall they can grow. Imagine if those kids end up in Space because we taught them about it.

Home Navigation

A playful set of reactive icons that help to navigate to the different categories: Home, Read, Watch, Play and Make.

Jump into the universe

Brikk - 3D Animation and Production. Antfood - Sound Design. Hello Monday - Art Direction and Illustration.

Interest picker

Interest icons used in onboarding allow kids to filter content for a more tailored experience.

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