Development, UI, UX, Concept

Garderobe - Fashion meets social media app

Garderobe is a gender neutral social fashion app exclusively for fashion lovers. It's the place to go for fashion trends, discover new looks and connect with other fashion fans. You can organize your individual style, follow your besties, your favourite bloggers or fashion designers who confidently rock the weirdest style combos. Garderobe gives you the ability to express your point of view through fashion.

We created an app icon with three lines, as they move it tells the story of a clothing rack being browsed, and at the same time reveals how to navigate the Garderobe app in horizontal format. We designed the logo in personal, handwritten typography - just as Sarah Jessica Parker would when taking polaroids of her shoes to categorize them. This typeface was a soft contrast to the modern and simple app universe whilst also challenging the conventions of a social app.

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