Aurora Solar


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Aurora Solar - Hitting fast-forward on the solar future

The shift to solar is crucial. The inevitable next step to life on this planet. The question isn’t whether we will shift to solar, it’s whether we can do it fast enough. Aurora Solar exists to hit fast forward on a solar future for everyone. With its industry-leading solar design software and end-to-end approach, Aurora Solar’s platform is a one-stop-shop from lead to installation.

In a rapidly evolving and growing industry, Aurora Solar’s stronghold on functional benefits were coming under increasing pressure. Strategically, our challenge was to expand this functional space around accuracy to claim a more ownable emotional space, around our role in leading and setting the industry standard. Building on this positioning, we developed a new Visual Identity for the brand. The result is a bold and premium identity that is also dynamic, hinting at Aurora Solar’s ever-evolving nature — constantly innovating to move the solar industry forward and to bring the future closer.


The brandmark represents a lot of things that are core to the Aurora Solar brand — there’s the sun, of course, shown in combination with a roof, while the pattern represents connectivity.

Solar Grid

The frame is used as a dynamic visual element, bringing the idea of the solar grid into the brand story.


Aurora Solar has a simple, sleek, yet natural graphic style with a diverse and rich visual expression. The colors are inspired by sunsets and sunrise.

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