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EPOS – branding meets ecommerce

The joint venture between Sennheiser and Demant recently evolved into a new audio brand – EPOS. As the creative partner before they even had a name, we helped them architect their branding from the ground up. EPOS delivers high-end audio solutions designed for gamers and business professionals. As part of the mission to unleash human potential by perfecting audio experiences and delivering innovative design, we set out to introduce the world to a new pioneer in audio technology.

Following the creation of the brand, we created a design system which bridges the brand and ecommerce experience as a platform with high-end audio products to drive sales and strengthen their position as a new leader in audio technology.

The ‘E’

The ‘E’ is inspired by the form language of an equalizer. It’s a complimentary graphic element that can be used to enhance the branded experience digitally and physically on products.

Everything is high-end

Part of the project involved the creation of packaging for gamers and business professionals. At first sight, the two audiences seem quite different, however, they have strong commonalities as they both depend on sound excellence to collaborate and perform better. For gaming, this enabled us to remove the noise and bling that gaming products are known for, and instead create a high-end alternative for serious gamers.

Ecommerce made simple

Striking the right balance between inspiration, information, and simplicity became a pivotal principle of the brand and ecommerce universe. The design system functions as building blocks for EPOS to empower people to discover crystal clear AI-powered audio products, no matter if their favorite pastime is League of Legends or Zoom.

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