Collective Health


Development, UI, UX, Concept, Copywriting, Design

Reinventing the US healthcare industry

Collective Health believes that accessing and paying for good healthcare should be simple, transparent and feel good. They are fed up with the flaws in the US health insurance system, and want to shift the focus from profits to people. They aim to fix this very complicated health insurance system and even stronger, the stigma around it.

We helped shape their brand vision by creating a new identity system including content strategy and production. The goal was to capture the brands honesty and create a strong visual system and language that stands apart from the traditional healthcare landscape. The visual system evolved and extended across a range of different touch points ranging from digital and printed communications, physical packaging, marketing collateral, their website and campaigns.

Logo Concept

The mark symbolizes the complete, full circle healthcare solution that Collective Health offers.

Photography concept

The idea centers around showing humans–real humans–and all their glorious details. Unlike other insurance companies that feature smiling faces and happy families, we want to focus on real and genuine emotions.

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