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J.Views - Experience the making of an album

J.Views, a Brooklyn based artist, had a vision to push the boundaries around the way we currently produce, share and listen to music through his concept The DNA Project. We took the molecules that encode the genetic makeup of a song into the lab to do just that.

The making of an album is a complex process that most people don’t get to experience.The stories and sounds collected, the tiny moments of inspiration. The first pieces of a beat, or melody, that turns into a song. As a musician, releasing just the final album is a little bit like telling only half the story.

With the DNA Project, we helped J.Views open up the creative process of making an album in its entirety, providing access to the people, places, and sounds that inspired each song. Over a 10 month timeline J.Viewz created a new song every month. And through the DNA project website users were able to follow along, access and examine individual pieces that would go into a song and even contribute by uploading sound files and ultimately have their own creative influence on the songs as they took form.

Now that the DNA project is complete, the result is a new kind of album that documents and preserves not only the finished track, but also the journey towards that result. You can still see the initial inspiration, the failures and successes, and get a deeper understanding of each track’s origins and components - it’s musical DNA.


Through lines created in a 3D environment we take the user on a visual journey to explore the development of an album.

The hexagon shape

DNA is shaped as a hexagon which we've implemented in many of our UI elements. This was done in order to tie the website with the concept and highlight the idea of the DNA behind the creation of an album.

Project awarded:

Cannes Lions

Design, Silver Lion

One Show

UX Design, Interface Design Craft, Silver Award
Interactive Craft, Sound Design, Bronze Award


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UX, Interface & Navigation, Wood Pencil
Sound Design, Wood Pencil

Creative Circle

Craft - Digital design, Gold
Digital - content driven apps and sites, Gold


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