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Head Banger - an AI experiment

We wanted to create something that puts fans in the middle of Dracaris’ experimental and hard hitting music — so, we introduced Headbanger.ai.

Taking you back to the 80’s block style arcade games, Head Banger is in itself a simple experience where you control a paddle to hit the blocks with the ball. The twist of the game is that the paddle is controlled entirely by your head.

Opening your mouth starts the game. Moving your head right or left moves the paddle. Banging your head will make a random block explode..

The game uses Tensorflow and trained AI models on a face database to provide the user with an interactive game experience.

Naturally, the game is set in a heavy metal universe - and, as you play the game, you’ll get to experience Dracaris’ music, as each level represents one of their songs.

Indulge yourself with a metal music experience while getting a taste of some of the fun AI can co-create.


We built a Face Detection prototype where we mapped the movements of the users head to the movements of the skull - try opening your mouth (made using Face API JS, Tensorflow and ThreeJS)

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