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We follow the sun. It rises in Copenhagen and sets in New York City.

The DNA Project: The making
of an album as it happens.

What if you could improve your English by playing a game using your voice? Spell Up uses the latest in web technologies to recognize your voice and help you build up your skills, letter by letter, word by word.
Issuu is a leading digital publishing company, with 80+ million users and 16+ million publications. Their goal: become the default destination for online publications. Their target audience: all humans.
Get into an avant-garde state of mind and enter the world of beloved Surrealist, René Magritte. Our digital exhibition site for MoMA will take your eyes, ears and mind on a surreally-wild ride.
The over-ear headphones even a fashion connoisseur can love, the H6 combines great looks with quality sound. We selected six product ambassadors and built the site around their stories.
Launching one for Mother Earth and the good people at Greenpeace. This interactive log book follows a team of activists on a journey in the name of humankind. To the North Pole!