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Google’s Search On - A series of inspiring stories

Google’s products, from Search to Maps and so much more, are used by billions of people around the world. Some use these technologies for personal use, and some for business, but some few use these technologies to create change in the world for the better. Google Brand Studio needed a place to tell their stories and asked for our help.

As an integrated and ongoing part of their team, for over 1 year we have been working with them to help tell the amazing stories Google inspires. Some of these stories include Anjali, who is developing solutions to the Flint, Michigan water crisis using Android; Temme who is using Google Maps to transport life saving blood in Nigeria; Dnyan who is spreading messages of love and peace through Google translate and many more. As we continue telling more stories, we hope that people will see the impact Google’s products have on our lives and inspire them to make changes in their own communities.

Episode 7: Between Worlds

Robin Máxkii is a Native American who has always been curious about computers. Using Google Search, she found the information she needed to apply to college, write an admissions essay and fill out FAFSA.


For Google’s 20th anniversary of Search, we wanted to emphasize Robin’s use of search to navigate her opportunities as a Native American woman. We used some of her real initial searches to introduce each chapter of the story.

Episode 8: Positive Current

Women of color around the country are using their voices and technology to solve the issues surrounding unclean water. From Google Cloud to Android, these women have been working towards giving people information they lack about the water they’re drinking.


We wanted to keep this story simple and ensure the main focus of the piece was on the women. However, since water plays a big part, we felt subtle hints of water would play well throughout the website.

Episode 9: Pedalling for Peace

Dnyaneshwar Yewatkar has been travelling for years on his bicycle. He is on a mission to spread peace, love and companionship around the world. When the people he meets speak different languages, he uses Google Translate to communicate.


With Dnyan’s widespread travels, we knew we wanted users to follow him on his journey as he met new people and made new friends. The map allows people to discover the connections Dnyan has made and the impact he’s had on individuals all around the world.

AI: Sounding the Alarm

When a fire broke out near a Google office in Israel, no useful information could be found online. So a small team of engineers coordinated with local government and made relevant resources available through Google Search. Google Crisis Response has since been built up and their services have been activated in more than 200 crises worldwide.


We wanted to highlight step-by-step how Google solves great issues with their technology.

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